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The driven force behind Passerelle is a small team of regular employees, next to the wider group of freelancers and volunteers. Important decisions are taken by the board of directors and the general assembly.


POL COUSSEMENT – artistic and coordinating director


As founder of Passerelle Pol Coussement is in charge of the general management. He stipulates the artistic course of Passerelle and is responsible for the financial policy of the organization. Furthermore, Pol represents Passerelle at commissions, concertation networks, the government and the cultural educative sector in general.

Pol regularly accompanies sessions and projects for Passerelle and has a broad experience as a teacher. He previously worked as a guest lecturer at the Higher University of Dance and Dance Pedagogy in Lier-Belgium, but also actively participated abroad; Brazil, Cyprus, England, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.

Last few years Pol has been focussing on educative projects with young people. Pol is also a common lecturer at seminars, a creator of informal performances with different types of groups and a dance educative workshop teacher.

SABINE VANHOUTTE – staff member


Sabine Vanhoutte is responsible for the coordination, communication and administration of Passerelle. She organizes the agenda and guides the professional frame for all activities. She also supports all workshops and projects and frequently consults with participants and coaches. Furthermore, Sabine regularly updates the Passerelle website, Facebook page and monthly digital newsletter.

Sabine previously worked at Theather Antigone. Besides her teacher degree, she also graduated at the RITS in Brussels and she used to be a dancer herself.



President: Bart Noels has been assigned as President of the board of directors since 2012, as a replacement for Liesbeth Malfait. Besides his Presidency, Bart also works for the inter-municipal association Leiedal where he actively supports district networks. These networks refer to the relationships between cultural centers, municipal secretaries or other important participants inside or outside the inter-municipal association. Bart previously worked as Chief Librarian in Kortrijk before he started his career at Leiedal.

Members of the council: Liesbeth Malfait – Rita Degraeve – Dries Baeckelandt – Bert Herrewyn – Noemi De Clercq – Lien Vanassche



Koen Coulier, Kris Coussement, Luc Depreitere, Peter Verschuere, Dimitri Lamon, Beverly Coorevits, Kim Cras, Marlies D'Hulst, Daphne De Deken, Joke Depreitere, Bauke Devlaminck, Valentine Galeyn, Karen Lamberts, Liesbeth Maes, Karen Migneaux, Ine Naessens, Florence Naessens, Sofie Nuyttens, Frauke Seynaeve, Marlies Seynaeve, Laura Simons, Sofie Van Rensbergen, Ines Vandenbroucke, Julie Vanhuysse, Elodie Vanneste, Céline Verhaeghe, Myriam Vancraynest, Bernadette De Deygere, Ann Soens, Fran Gantois, Morgane Van Weynenbergh, Michael Janart, Griet Catteeuw, Ann Vereecke, Ines Decoene, Ann Wattiez, Karien Loontjes....



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