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Passerelle vzw is a cultural educational organization for children and young people that encourages them to develop themselves artistically and personally through dance, movement, expression and performance. Year on year, Passerelle has been officially recognised by the Flemish government as an association devoted to cultural education. At Passerelle, we cross borders. We share knowledge. We participate in festivals and set up projects with partners – both at home and abroad. Passerelle is committed to art and participation, to youth and partnerships, and to experience and impact.

Below we briefly summarize a few concrete examples of our knowledge-sharing, projects and festivals & performances.

Our website is only available in Dutch. However, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in collaborating with Passerelle. We are always happy to provide you with more information. You can reach us on info@passerellevzw.be


International Dance Pedagogy Conference  | Velenje, Slovenia
6-8 Oct 2017


Pol Coussement took to the stage at the International Dance Pedagogy Conference in Velenje, Slovenia. This event was a beautiful and interesting forum specifically hosted for sharing insights on dance education, including speakers from the United States, Croatia and Italy. Pol took the opportunity to explain Passerelle’s unique approach and impact in dance.

What’s your move  | Glasgow, Scotland
23 June 2017

What's your move, an international conference on dance education, was organised by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Scottish Youth Dance in Glasgow. Pol Coussement was invited as guest speaker to explain the workings of Passerelle, specifically focussed on their work with socially vulnerable young adolescents.

De Nederlandse Dag van de Cultuureducatie  | Amsterdam, Nederland
5 Nov 2013

Do children have different learning methods today? No!  - proclaimed Pedro De Bruyckere (Artevelde Hogeschool) during the Nederlandse Dag van de Cultuureducatie (the Dutch Day of Cultural Education) in Amsterdam. Pedro was joined by other speakers such as Anja Geuns (HetPaleis), Karel Moons (De Veerman), Koen Crul (Vives) and Pol Coussement (Passerelle).

Pol Coussement discussed the way Passerelle operates and demonstrated why Arts Education is invaluable, both as a lever and as a catalyst.


A cross-border collaboration between a Flemish and a French school | Roubaix, France
2013 -2018


Passerelle has regularly worked with École Jules Michelet in Roubaix for the past six years. Passerelle would typically develop a project with the Roubaix students within their school hours. Simultaneously, they would create the same project in a Flemish school. The schools maintain contact with each other via a closed Facebook Group, where they can share pictures, ideas, comments and questions.

The schools also visit each other, thus creating a framework for both children and parents to share art, culture and insights.

Young & Furious  | Münster, Germany

As part of a cultural cooperation between West Flanders and the Lanschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe, Passerelle collaborated with the Brugse Entrepot, theater im Pumpenhaus (Münster) and the dance company Unusual Suspects to set up a project with four dancers from each region. Young & Furious promised to be an outpouring of young enthusiasm and passion. Above all it proved to be a catchy project backed by a group of German and Flemish youngsters sharing their view of the world. The final performance was shortlisted as one of the most remarkable youth performances in Germany in 2013.


17 SEMANAS DE DANCA | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
8-14 Sept 2014


In 2014, Passerelle was invited to Rio de Janeiro for the fourth time to participate in 17 SEMANAS DE DANCA, a 17 week festival that welcomed international groups from Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Canada, France, Nigeria, Portugal and Spain. Passerelle presented WeAllGo of the duo Benjamin Vandewalle & Vincenzo Carta, Gnosis created by the very same Vincenzo Carta and WAAR, a choreography of Pol Coussement.

Death in the Count of 9

In partnership with the arts centre BUDA, Zoë Knights and Passerelle created Death in the Count of 9, a meticulously thought-out performance revolving around the number nine. The European network APAP helped the performance tour through Austria, Poland and Italy. In 2008, ‘Death in the Count of 9’ was featured on the festival Sommerszene Salzburg next to Les Slovaks, Ultima Vez and Rosas.