Mission statement

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Passerelle vzw is a cultural educational organization for children and young people that stimulates them to develop themselves artistically and personally through dance, expression and performance. All our initiatives are organized for young people with dance experience, as well as without. Passerelle works with professional coaches, each following a clear pedagogical and artistic vision.  

In a challenging but easy accessible way Passerelle narrows the distance between young people and professionals, which makes them a participant of the dynamic Flemish contemporary dance scene.   

Passerelle primarily highlights dance experience and co-ownership of all participants. The artistic input of every child or youngster is as important as their animated participation to the creative process. They start and develop an inspiring dialogue with the professional coach in charge.

Passerelle often cooperates with other socio-cultural organizations and schools, but also offers a wide range of workshops during free time.


Passerelle’s wide and flexible range of workshops is always driven by the idea of ‘authentic learning in arts education’. In other words, Passerelle connects the social environment of young people with the world of contemporary dance, targeting to teach artistic skills that can be applied in other circumstances. Passerelle takes the time to create depth, to bring an idea to life (action) and to understand it (reflection). Passerelle doesn’t teach how to dance, but moves young people to new perspectives starting from their personal talents.

Passerelle’s activities focus on the personal development of each participant. They all participate, collaborate, learn to share, express themselves and learn to team up. They not only develop a new skill or language, but also meet a new ‘me’. A stronger individual that tastes and participates to culture.

Passerelle is constantly expanding by finding new types of dance education in Flanders, by possible collaborations with other socio-cultural partners and by inspiring cross-overs between different disciplines. Passerelle stands for an optimal artistic and personal experience of each participant.