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Open workshop – the road, again.

Studio A’tack geeft jongeren studioruimte om te experimenteren, onderzoeken en ervaring op te doen als maker. Het platform biedt mogelijkheid tot artistieke en productionele omkadering, feedback en presentatie. In januari 2023 hebben we opnieuw Raphael Philipe Damasceno te gast! Je leest hier alles over hem en zijn onderzoek. Stap mee in Raphael zijn onderzoek door deel te nemen aan deze open workshop.

‘- the road, again.’ is an artistic work-in-progress that is moving through different communities in Belgium. It will start at Studio A’tack at  @passerellevzw   and will continue later in RADAR Mechelen, GC De Kriekelaar Schaerbeek, the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and GC Pianofabriek Brussels. The project will consist of creating spaces for citizens to come together and start a conversation around selected decolonial literature. It will be guided by @philipedamasceno, a dance artist based in Brussels who will bridge the conversations with physical and creative practices. He is looking for people who want to join the conversation. These participants do not necessarily need an artistic background, their curiosity is more than enough! For him, the project’s richness relies on the different perspectives and their chance to enter into dialogue. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate in joining us! 

📅 11th January 
Let us know your availability on those days. We will create a 3-hour session that fits best the group.

🗣️ Since we’re trying to include different nationalities, the discussions will happen in English.

During the first hour, we’ll reflect on Paula M. L. Moya’s text “Who We Are and From Where We Speak”. Together, we’ll discuss what it means to her an “(un)acknowledged logic of identity” and how is that connected with colonialism. You can access the text in the link below. It might be a challenging text, but don’t worry; we will unfold it together during the session. Please, take your time and read the text beforehand. It will allow us to dive deeper into the discussion. 

📖 Moya, P. M. (2011). Who We Are and From Where We Speak. TRANSMODERNITY: Journal of Peripheral Cultural Production of the Luso-Hispanic World, 1(2). Retrieved from 

📩 For more information: @philipedamasceno

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